Sarah Widman

What’s your story?

Sarah Widman, the creator of set and styling for our collection Serene Beginnings.

Sarah, what’s your story? Tell us about yourself.

I’ve always been fascinated by the effect our environment has on us. It affects our overall mood and can make us feel everything from happy, calm and creative. I started as a decorator but realised that I wanted to do more set designs and styling since I got to use my creative side more freely.

Today, I run Creative Unit Studio with the e-commerce strategist Sophia Båge. Together we work strategically and operatively to create and optimise content and marketing for online retailers. You could say that we help companies create a better customer experience through storytelling and visual content based on customer data.

What inspires you?

I’ve always been very inspired. It can be something I spot in a magazine, how a sunbeam hit a shadow or people I meet. My biggest source of inspiration is Scandinavian nature and its seasons, I wouldn’t want to live without it.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I would say it’s when I have to limit my ideas and not get too carried away. Also, the ability to believe in yourself and not worry about what others think can be challenging sometimes. You got to trust your gut and your competence.

What trends do you think will represent 2021?

The trendiest thing this year is not to be trendy, but I like the idea of inspiring and getting inspired by others. The current situation around the world has made us think a little bit extra about the decisions we make and how we live. Today’s consumers are craving sustainable options, which has led us to a point where retailers and manufacturers need to advance everything from design to development and materials.

“Consumers want locally produced and handcrafted products, things that are one-of-a-kind and perfectly imperfect.”

Consumers want locally produced and handcrafted products, things that are one-of-a-kind and perfectly imperfect. It’s easier than ever to find local artists and designers, thanks to social media. Another big trend for 2021 is colour, both in fashion and interior. I don’t think I’ve ever been as inspired by colours as I am at the moment, I think this trend is a reflection of 2020 and the fact that it was such a dark year for many of us.

How do we create a personal home?

By surrounding us with things that make us feel good, we tend to have too much stuff. Try to eliminate everything that gives you bad vibes. Chose to display items that make you happy and remind you of wonderful memories.

How do you decorate sustainably?

I want my home to be timeless, a collection of items that I won’t get tired of. I get exposed to so many different products and colours at work, therefore my home is rather the opposite, quiet and minimalistic. I like classic design pieces, the second hand value is often high and you can sometimes sell for more than the original cost.

We all have something we love a little bit extra, what makes you smile at home?

My family! They make me both laugh and cry haha. It’s the little traces they leave that makes it home, my home. I also try to spice up my weeks with fresh flowers and twigs from nature.

What’s your best advice when choosing wallpaper?

My best advice is to choose a wallpaper that makes you feel good. It could be happiness, safety or memories. This, combined with the fact that it suites the rest of your home. Wallpaper is a quick and powerful way to make a huge difference.

“Consumers want locally produced and handcrafted products, things that are one-of-a-kind and perfectly imperfect.”

Serene Beginnings is all about embracing the things we love, what’s your best advice on enhancing our favourite belongings?

A great tip is to let wallpaper act as a backdrop, bring furniture out from the walls to create air. Imagine the room as a stage, this makes the wall pop, the result is a comfortable dynamics. Another good tip is to work with contrasts, place the thing you want to enhance in front of a different coloured background.

The Scandinavian interior is a worldwide trend, why do you think people get inspired by our way of decorating?

The closeness and availability to nature are very important for Scandinavians. It’s a big part of our lives from an early age. The absence of light has a huge impact on us which can be seen in both our architecture, choice of materials and expression. Organic shapes and raw materials are often the core of our design, we generate feelings and often let the choice of materials be the centre of attention.

What mistakes do we make when decorating?

People are sometimes rushing like they’re in a hurry. They buy everything that looks good and the result is often not very wholesome. Another common mistake is buying everything from the same retailer, this can take away the personal touch. These mistakes are often based on a lack of time. Give your home time, and if possible, professional help. A decorator can save you time and sometimes even money, from impulsive purchases, they also come with great advice and solutions you may not have thought of.

What’s your dream project?

I have a lot of sketches and idéas for furniture and other products in my head. Some are already prototypes and some out on the market. A dream would be to, alongside Creative Unit Studio, design products and find producers.

Serene Beginnings


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What measurements are Perswall wallpaper?

Each roll of wallpaper is 45 cm wide. The length and height depend on the measurements you indicate when placing an order.

What material is your product made of and what quality does it have?

Perswall wallpaper is digitally printed on high-quality, non-woven FSC- certified paper. Our digitally printed wallpaper offers a flexible material that makes interior dreams come true, without compromising on quality or the environment.

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Will my order be reviewed before printed?

Every custom order with manually be reviewed by our graphic designers to ensure best printing quality and will contact you in case there are any problems.

What will happen to my uploaded image after production?

We will save your file for 6 months. Should your wallpaper be damaged in transport or during installation we can easily produce another one. Your file will be deleted when the 6 months have passed.


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We offer card payment and flexible payment solutions via Klarna; invoice, instalment payment and direct payment.

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You should receive your order confirmation within 24 hours of the order being placed. If you haven’t received your order confirmation within this time, please contact our customer service at

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Your right of withdrawal does not apply since Perswall products are printed on-demand. If you by any chance wouldn't be happy with your order, please contact our customer service atDelivery

How much is delivery?

We love the fact that you chose us to tell your unique story, therefore we offer free shipping worldwide.

What happens if my product is injured when delivered?

We replace faulty items with a fault-free corresponding item. We need to see the error to do so. Perswall does not take responsibility for any accidents or mistakes that occur when installing wallpaper. Neither do we take responsibility for any costs from loss of time or other indirect or consequential costs. It is therefore crucial that you examine your order before installing it.

Easy how to hang guide

You need:

A roller, utility knife and spare blades, paint tray, spirit level/plummet (scissor and twine), pencil, soft sponge, spatula, a container with clean water, wallpaper brush, steel ruler, paintbrush and adhesive.

1. Before installation

A thoroughly prepared surface is crucial to the result. Therefore the wall should be dry, smooth, and well anchored. In our Wallpaper school, you can read more about how to prepare different surfaces.

Roll out your wallpaper on a clean table and cut off each strip on the scissor markings. Every other strip is upside down and needs to be flipped around to the right way. All strips have text on top, to ease the installation process and direction. Always use a non-woven adhesive (paste), avoid so-called combination glue.

2. Use a spirit level

Create a plum line with your plummet (scissor + twine) or a spirit level. Draw guidelines on the surface for an easier installation

3. Cover the whole area with adhesive

Apply adhesive on the wall equal to approximately the width of 2-3 strips (90-135 cm). It’s important to cover the whole area with adhesive to avoid any bare spots. A spot without glue becomes an air bubble under the wallpaper. Carefully apply an even layer of adhesive, use a paintbrush where the roller can’t reach.

4. Watch out for creases!

Follow the instructions on the top and bottom of the strip. Look what is up and down, carefully wrap the strip in the middle, make sure to not create any creases. Have the pattern on the inside of the wrap when you attach it to the wall, this to avoid staining the front with adhesive. Attach the top of the strip at the right height and in the right position before you let go of the wrap and let it fall.

5. If it goes wrong start over!

Examine the strip at the top and bottom before you press it against the wall. Never try to twist the strip into the right position when in the wrong position. Instead, loosen the strip and start over. Apply more adhesive if the previous layer is dry. If paste accidentally would end up on the front of the wallpaper, do not rub. Instead, use a soft sponge with water to wipe the adhesive away. A dry sponge may chafe on the print and destroy the wallpaper.

6. Use a wallpaper spatula

Use the wallpaper spatula to even out the surface and get rid of glue and air bubbles under the wallpaper. Remember to keep your tools clean at all times by continuously wiping them off to get glue and other residues off. Use the wallpaper tool in a sweeping motion starting from the ceiling to the floor, and from the middle outwards.

7. Be meticulous!

Continue with the next strip and align the pattern. Make sure that the strips are tightly joint so no underlying surface is visible in between. The adhesive must be applied out to the edges so the strips attach properly.

8. Change the blade often

Cut off everything that doesn’t belong to the wallpaper itself. Feel free to use a steel ruler or putty shovel as support when doing this. Don’t forget to change the blade on the knife often, a dull blade can easily rip and break the wallpaper.

9. Repeat

Now continue, strip by strip, until the wall is finished. Have in mind to avoid isolation of the room. If the weather allows, open up and let the room ventilate until the adhesive is dry