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Modern Eclectic

Inspired by climbing flowers, traditional patterns, and English influences we created Modern Eclectic, an encouragement to create a personal style and a home that tells your story.

Botanica £30/m2

Botanica £30/m2

A world of patterns

In a troubled world we tend to look for familiarity and safety but at the same time long for joyful colours and expressive patterns. Therefore, we wanted to create a collection inspired by traditional wallpaper patterns with a modern twist to the colours and in pattern proportions that fit in any home.

Let the wallpapers become a statement which together with other objects create a personal and warm home that tells your story.

“Climbing flowers and expressive patterns is an easy way to create a warm and personal home that tells your story.”

“The colour tones in the collection make it easy to match the wallpapers into a coherent space.”

Modern Eclectic


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