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What’s your story?

Sofia “Mokkasin” Vusir Jansson

What’s your story?

Our most celebrated wallpaper is now relaunching in a new updated edition, this time in collaboration with the creator Sofia “Mokkasin” Vusir Jansson.

Sofia, what’s your story?

I feel like I’ve always had a project going on. I call myself a creator within photography, form, scenography, interior design, and writing. In what genre has never really mattered, most important has been the process of creation. My curiosity has taken me to a variety of projects, it has always been important to me be able to do “my thing” but never letting it limit me and to dare to take on new projects. That approach to things has always been natural to me. But of course, at times it can be super scary but always enriching and developing for me as a person.

How would you describe your style?

Our home is a blissful mix of things we like and there’s really no common thread. It’s pretty much a mix of things we enjoy doing, things related to our interests and things we like to surround ourselves with. My husband and our four kids have just as much to say about our house as I do. I guess you could say there are quite a lot of things in our house, anything from books, painting supplies to vinyl records, notebooks, and instruments. We always have projects going on in our house but have never, not even when the kids were little, been stressed about messes. To us, it’s very important to truly live in our home, what else should a home be?

What’s your inspiration when creating?

I get inspiration from the most unexpected sources and at times it’s even unclear to myself. I’m fascinated and inspired by craftmanship, folk art, and storytelling, both historical and personal stories.

My kids are also a big part of my creativity. They remind me of the imaginary world and to get out of the everyday routine, which is so easy to fall into as an adult. When I search for inspiration, I rather turn to analogue media than scroll on social platforms. I think it’s the unexpected things and happenings that get me going. Usually, it’s an unexpected idea or thought that takes me further in my creative process.

You do a lot of DIY:ing, what trends do you see for it in 2021?

DIY has previously evolved a lot around decoration, but I think it will shift into useful crafts, everything from sewing, knitting, embroidering, carpentry and fixing things. I really want it to be in time, especially because it’s a must, learning how to take good care of things, as man has always done before.

Your home is filled with colour, different shapes, and pattern, what’s the key to success when combining several components?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe or a specific guide to how we’ve done it. I believe that all the things you like will eventually fit together. As a result, your house will automatically become a homely place.

“One thing that I like in particular is the fact that the smaller print is still quite big and gives a soft impression.”

The first edition of Blossom was release 9 years ago but is still a bestseller. What distinguishes the new collection from the first?

Well, the collection consists of two new editions. In addition to the large motif there’s also a smaller pattern which is a completely new addition. One thing that I like in particular is the fact that the smaller print is still quite big and gives a soft impression.

In the collection there’s also two new colours of Blossom. The yellow one is inspired by arts and crafts, and colours from Charleston House and Swedish Lilla Hyttnäs. I also looked at house facades in Paris and Copenhagen. I wanted it to be mild, soft and give a calming impression while at the same time making sure the colours come through.

The blue wallpaper is like an homage to blue and white pottery and “Toile de Jouy” wallpaper. To me, this one has summer written all over it. The blue hues are soft and easy, without sharp contrasts. In combination with the soft, white background, the walls almost get a fluffy feeling. At the same time, the wallpaper has strong characteristics and feel unique.

What are you doing this summer?

Something unexpected! We’ll most likely spend most of our time at home, hoping to be able to hang out with friends and family.

Do you have a dream project or collaboration?

Yes, I actually have! But I unfortunately can’t say much more at the time.

Do you have “must have” in your home?

If it has to be a “thing” I would say books. And photographs. Otherwise, I would say people, I love when this house is full of people. I don’t like being alone at all. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean I need to hang out with people all the time, but I definitely like when the house is full.

We see a lot of flowers and plants in wallpaper. What are you growing this year? Do you have any tips?

This year I’m not growing as much as I used to do. I’ll stick to my Dahlia flowers, from last year, sweet peas, zinnia and rose hips. Perhaps I’ll plant some rose bushes. For those who have a balcony I can strongly recommend sowing flowering maple. That’s one of the prettiest potted plants.

“I always work with one foot in the imaginary world but always aim for it to feel alive and real.”

What does craftmanship mean to you?

To me, craftmanship is about the process of creating something. Craftmanship is endless creativity. There’s no such thing as right or wrong but rather a way of being challenged to think outside of the box. I always work with one foot in the imaginary world but always aim for it to feel alive and real. I love when the traces of hand work are seen in products.

Craftmanship to me is basically anything I create with my bare hands. Making things by hand is not just fun but also important and something we all need. Both in order to develop but also because I believe it’s healing.

The first edition of Blossom has found it’s way into many children’s room, where do you think the new editions will end up?

The large patterned one fits perfect in a kid’s room. When my daughter chose it, at the age of seven, she said: because its magical. The world becomes surreal in a room with Blossom on the walls. It’s like your imagination runs free there. Wallpaper in general, and Blossom in particular, has the ability to make a room feel complete, just like that.

The blue edition reminds me of summer and summer houses. It’s also a great fit in the houses where you want to achieve the feeling of a summer house but it’s in fact just a regular house. Our house is like that. We live in the city but a bit secluded, up on a ridge. In summer, when the house is surrounded by greenery, I get the feeling that we’re somewhere in the countryside when in fact it’s the complete opposite.

Mokkasin x Perswall


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