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We are at the beginning of a new story, and we are continuously learning. This is our responsibility story. Perswall is challenging the perception of what wallpaper is or should be. We see challenges as possibilities. Possibilities that contribute to a better operation. We think holistically of our effect on the environment and the people in it and are humble to the fact that we always can do more.


Perswall wallpaper is printed on-demand in our factory in Borås, Sweden. That means that we only produce the amount of wallpaper that is ordered. The result being no overproduction and less waste. Any waste from production is incinerated locally in Borås in a state-of-the-art facility where the energy from incineration is harnessed and used for heating.

Our factory is a modern production site where leftover water from production is purified at our water treatment plant before passing on to a communal treatment plant. Quality is at the heart of Perswall and our highly skilled craftsmen- and women make sure that only the best wallpaper leave the factory.

Perswall wallpaper is digitally printed on high-quality FSC certified non-woven paper from responsible forestry with re-plantation of trees. FSC stands for The Forest Stewardship Council which is an organisation that advocates and controls sustainable forestry both economically, socially and environmentally. More information on FSC can be found at

Perswall only uses solvent-free dyes which means that we minimize the risk of letting harmful or allergen substances out in the indoor environment or breathable air. Our products are CE marked according to the European standard EN 15102: 2007 + A1: 2011. This marking means that our production and our products meet EU product requirements for emissions and content of hazardous substances such as heavy metals and formaldehyde.

The majority of our wallpaper is fire-resistant and rated in the European fire class B-s1,d0. This does not include our laminated products. Our rigorous work with quality and environment aspires to result in a product that keeps a high standard without harming the environment nor human. This is a fact we are very proud of.


We care about a healthy mind and body. Therefore we aspire to increase our customer’s well-being and self-fulfilment through our curated collection of products.

At our location in Borås, Sweden, where we have our office and factory, we continuously work to improve our work environment and create a healthy workspace where openness, understanding and caring always shine through our day to day lives.


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