Serene Beginnings

Let light surfaces in an earthy-palette act as a canvas in your home. Let your favourite belongings be in the centre of attention with simple but effective wallpaper. Serene Beginnings is the first page of our new story, how will you tell yours?

Part one

Spring is a fresh start, the sun wakes up from a deep and dark sleep. Serene Beginnings Part.1 represents a new fresh chapter for Perswall, you and your home.

The collection is created with Scandinavian simplicity and nature in mind and is interpreted by set designer and stylist Sarah Widman.


This collection represents the perfect-imperfect. Brushstrokes, surfaces and colours come to life and create a warm surrounding.

We intended to create a statement that harmonies and lift the overall interior, instead of the other way around. One of the most important aspects when creating this collection was to let the craftsmanship and its uniqueness shine through the finished product.


Sarah Widman

Our Scandinavian nature and powerful seasons is my biggest source of inspiration. I wouldn’t want to live without them.

Sarah’s always been fascinated by the power our surrounding have. The way we choose to decorate affects our overall mood, it can make us feel calm, creative or happy.

She started as a decorator but changed direction after a couple of years, getting into set design and styling, a way of using her artistic side more freely.

“My advice is to choose a wallpaper that makes you feel something. It could be happiness, safety or memories.”

“I wanted to create a calm impression that represents the fact that you don’t need much when decorating. An impression that serves as a reminder to select special items that represent you and your unique story.”

Sarah, what’s your story?

Read more about Sarah, what inspires and challenges her in her work as a stylist and set designer.

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